The first ever fully on-chain gaming blockchain on Bitcoin
Ushering the golden era of Gaming on Bitcoin
A Blockchain Designed for Gaming
Fast & Low-cost
Powered by BVM protocol, Bitcoin Arcade is a Bitcoin Layer 2 blockchain with high speed (2-second block time) and extremely low gas fee (<$0.001 per tx)
Play games with BRC-20 tokens and earn BRC-20 tokens. BRC-20s are the currencies of in-game economy
Ordinals Inscriptions
All in-game items/artifacts can be inscribed as Ordinals Inscriptions, on Bitcoin forever
Bitcoin Security
Bitcoin has proven top-tier level of security and decentralization since 2009
Made for Game Buidlers
Build with scale
Embrace the power of custom EVM-compatible smart contracts for on-chain mechanics. Experience unparalleled performance with high throughput, lightning-fast speeds, and low gas fees. Leverage optimistic rollup technology for massive scalability and Bitcoin-grade security.
Easy game migration
Bitcoin Arcade is EVM equivalent. If you have already deployed games on EVM-compatible chains (i.e Ethereum, BSC, Fantom), you can easily migrate the games to Bitcoin Arcade without learning a new toolkit
Developer Airdrop
40% of the Bitcoin Arcade airdrop is allocated for developers. Developer Airdrop program details and instruction will be shared after the Bitcoin Arcade testnet launch
Games Built on Bitcoin Arcade
Satoshi Gambit

Experience the first 3D fully on-chain game on Bitcoin.

Play, have fun, and earn more tokens.

The Bitcoin Arcade Airdrop is split between Early Access Members (60%) and Developers (40%) You can earn Airdrop Rewards by claiming Early Access, playing games, building games and inviting friends
Early Access / TestnetJan 2024
Mainnet LaunchMar 2024
RedemptionJune 2024